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Positive Peace HypnotherapyDebbie LoveClinical Hypnotherapist & NLP BA(Hons) Psychology  

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Over the years I have helped 100's of people to stopped smoking through hypnotherapy.

It is incredibly rewarding to hear from clients a year, 2 years, 5 years later that they remain a non-smoker following treatment.

This is especially true as most of those people tell me they have tried 'everything' to quit before trying hypnosis. Patches, e-ciggs, tablets, cutting down, cold turkey, they have tried it all. So why would hypnotherapy work?

The method works by changing the negative behaviours and thinking patterns associated with smoking. The thoughts and habits held as a smoker are what have prevented you from successfully giving up. As hypnotherapy focuses on this change, it is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of treatment.

The first question to ask when choosing to quit is 'am I doing this for me?'. Hypnosis for smoking has been found to be most effective when the person really wants to quit for themselves.

Hypnotherapy works by helping you into a deep, relaxed state. It feels very comfortable and allows both mind and body to relax and is the perfect way to make the deep-set and long term changes you want.

Many people find stop smoking hypnosis is enough to break the habit, while others prefer to combine the treatment with NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) or medication. This helps to tackle both the physical and the mental reliance together. By exploring all the options, a person should be able to find a suitable and effective treatment.


There is a single 2 hour appointment for smoking cessation and afterwards I supply a Hypnotherapy recording (CD or MP3) to listen to at home to reinforce the change.


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