Positive Peace Hypnotherapy Debbie Love Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP BA(Hons) Psychology
Positive Peace HypnotherapyDebbie LoveClinical Hypnotherapist & NLP BA(Hons) Psychology  

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and the Hypnotic Gastric Band



Hypnotherapy is extremely effective for weight loss. It works by dealing with the root of your weight issues, whether that is about portion sizes, unwanted habits or particular foods you find difficult to dump!


Weight loss is achieved through 3 appointments, with Hypnotherapy MP3's/CDs for home use supplied to supplement the hypnotherapy treatment given during appointments. These recordings are designed to meet your needs and are included in the price of the session, as are helpful materials to keep you on track!


I offer general weight loss appointments (£60 per appt).



Hypnotic Gastric Band                                                        HYPNO-BAND


I am a Hypno-Band Licensed Practitioner. Hypno-Band is the most successful virtual gastric band system in the UK.

​​​​The treatment works by working with your unconscious mind (which is where all your memory, habits and feelings lie)to use its power and resources to get to your goal weight. We use three appointments to look at your issues around weight and food and resolve them, putting in new, helpful thinking and habits. 

On the third appointment we use a gastric band procedure during hypnosis so that your unconscious mind believes a gastric band has been fitted to the top part of your stomach. Your conscious mind knows you haven't had the procedure, but the deeper part of your mind believes it has! After that you can each much smaller portions of food, although you have a lot of freedom in what you eat. There is a 4th follow up appointment (free) which can make at a later date to adjust the band or to use as a motivational booster.

Hypnosis is a lovely natural feeling, it's in-between being awake and asleep, so its a very familiar feeling. In many years of practice I haven't met anyone who hasn't liked it. 
Have a look at www.hypnoband.com (I am a licensed practitioner), it has lots of good info and testimonials. There are three very important factors in making Hypnotherapy work at its best for weight loss.

1. You have to WANT to lose weight
2. You have to want to lose it for yourself, not to please anyone else
3. It is important to follow the instructions and advice (eg listen to a CD/MP3I give you each week, fill in a food diary after the first appt.)


Hypno-band appointments are £80 per appointment (soemtimes discounted to £70, please ask). The 4th, followup appt is free.

The vast majority of people I see lose weight and meet their target, that's why I use this particular system. Call for a chat feel free to call me on my mobile or email me on debbielove@cheerful.com



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