Positive Peace Hypnotherapy Debbie Love Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP BA(Hons) Psychology
Positive Peace HypnotherapyDebbie LoveClinical Hypnotherapist & NLP BA(Hons) Psychology  

Choosing your Therapist

With Hypnotherapy it is really important to feel comfortable with the Therapist you choose.


Having decided that hypnotherapy is the way forward, your next step is to find a Hypnotherapist who resonates with you. Research different Hypnotherapists websites or chat to them to ensure they have expertise in the area you wish to work on.

Some people are comfortable with a male therapist, others are more comfortable with a female. This is all worth considering so that you can build a comfortable working relationship with that Therapist

In terms of Qualifications, it is useful to look for membership of a regulatory body for Hypnotherapy (I am a member of General Hypnotherapy Council and Register). Certificates will be dated and will allow you to assess when the Therapist qualified and therefore how much experienece they really have. It is fine to ask to see cetificates and any professional will be happy to supply their certification.

Dependant on the issue you are looking to work on, it may be helpful to look for a Therapist who has either a Psychology or Counselling background.

If you are looking for Hypnotherapy for a child or young adult, it is always good practice to ensure the Therapist has a fully enhanced disclosure in place, this gives you  peace of mind.

Again, the General Hypnotherapy Register has a full listing to check out, just use the 'hypnotherapist search' box.

Hypnotherapy is not an industry regulated by law, but the Complementary and National Healthcare Council will only accredit practitioners after rigorous qualification and background checks, so the CNHC badge (to the right of this page) is something you should look for.





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